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Hi there, if you are looking to market your Digital Products or Online Courses via YouTube, then welcome!
We are here to help with the practical resources you need to get going. You can get started right away by getting the Ultimate Guide to Irresistible YouTube Video Thumbnails 

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Download Free Ultimate Guide to
Irresistible YouTube Video Thumbnails

If you are looking to market your Digital Products or Online Courses via YouTube, then welcome!
We are here to help with the practical resources you need to get going. You can get started right away by getting the Ultimate Guide to Irresistible YouTube Video Thumbnails

Download the detailed 10-page report below:

We are Ramgopal and Arte, a husband a wife team.

We started our business 11 years ago in 2007. We are passionate about training and helping trainers have more fun training. Our course, Ramgopal’s PowerPoint Mastery Program is one of the most comprehensive PowerPoint Training Programs online. So we have tons of experience creating online courses, and marketing them.

Join us to get your course up & selling…

Arte & I have being training – in classrooms, through CDs, through Train the Trainer programs, and Online Courses.
We own 3 websites –, and – all about Presentation skills, PowerPoint templates & training.

We ran Train the Trainer workshops and Presentation skills workshops. 2011 was the big year we moved completely online – with our Presentation Skills Training program.
Since then I have created and shared 1700+ tutorial videos (checkout our YouTube Channel with 70000+ subscribers and 500+ PowerPoint & Presentation skills tutorial videos.)

Last year (2018), we started rolling out our courses on Udemy. These courses have gained over 1700 students and $10000 in the first year.

We started clueless but ready to learn...

When we started we were completely clueless and followed the advice of every ‘guru’ out there. We invested in dozens of popular courses…
…and found this 1 thing over and over.

Most ‘gurus’ understand only internet marketing business (how to set up an online business, sell related plug-ins & software for websites). Given their limited scope of experience, their tips and tricks and strategies don’t always work for others.

In fact, every time we followed the advice of Internet Gurus, we got adverse results.

Guru: Send daily emails and build a ‘relationship’ with your audience
Our audience weren’t that passionate about PowerPoint or our personal stories. They hated receiving daily emails or emails with ‘fluff and no stuff’.

Guru: Upsell, down-sell, side-sell and cross-sell offers as soon as a customer adds to cart.
Our audience hated all the sale-sy stuff. The usual response- “Please wait for me to use what I already bought.”

Guru: Use ugly sales videos with just text. They work. They are amazing.
Heck, we are helping our audience get away from just that!

We learnt a lot about our customers. They hate working on holidays (who works on creating presentations on Black Friday holidays?)…and they hated internet marketing gimmicks. 

One Key Takeaway...

When someone says “this works in all markets and industries” – they don’t know what they are talking about!
You need to understand your own market and reach your audience where they are.
Marketing is about showing your audience the value you have to offer. Not pushing them to buy stuff they don’t want!

Our customers who want to learn, they are on YouTube. We reach them there with our videos & ads and it works like a charm. It yields a steady stream of signs up and sales. Our PowerPoint Mastery Program just by itself has made us over $37,000 in the first 18 months (May ’16 – Nov ‘17).
No big launch, webinars or aggressive affiliates.

Just a simple funnel to find the right audience, let them experience what we have to offer and sign up!

Which is why our course receive this kind of feedback:

"Ram's presentations are clearly well prepared and provided in the most professional manner. He does not say "uh" one time or pause as a delay tactic to think of the next statement. Also, he provides new information in a way that is not pure fire hose of info. Rather, he connects the dots by describing practical uses for what he's demonstrating for you.

Ram has unknowingly become a mentor in how to give an effective presentation. His presentation skills are top tier and to be emulated. I have applied those lessons to my own presentations, which has translated to much smoother shows and that helps the audience learn more about my subject matter.

Rock on, Ram Gopal and Arte! "
William Crisp, SAIC.

So if you are an expert, and looking to market to a genuine audience who appreciates what you have to offer…sign up below and let’s start on this journey together!
No sales gimmicks. Just real practical help & guidance.

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