Video: How I Overcame the Fear of Facing the Camera

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Here is my story of how I finally conquered my fear of camera and started making training and YouTube videos with confidence.  I also share some simple exercises I followed to overcome this fear and get started.

Today, I have over 500 videos on YouTube and sell multiple training courses on my website as well as on Udemy.

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Hi! I’m Ramgopal from In this video I am going to share with you how I go OK in the fear of facing cameraWe all know the importance of videos in online course creation and videos as part of an online marketing strategy. If we ever want to be successful Course Creators we have to be comfortable in front of the camera. Even I knew all this information when I started out but then I never had the courage to create a video where I faced the camera. The reason is a couple of times that I tried this earlier the results were really poor. In fact the results was so horrible that I decided never to create any video where I had to face camera.

The 3 Main Issues that lead to Camera Shyness:

But then I realized the power of Talking Head videos tool as my businesses grew. So I decided to conquer this demon when I sat down and analyzed what the real issue spent I found that I had three main issues when it came to creating talking head videos1) Strangeness: The first issue was I didn’t really like how I looked on a video. Somehow I felt that the image that I saw on video was not me. 2) Mind Freeze: The second issue that I faced was I used to experience mind freeze whenever I switched on the camera. It didn’t really matter how well my thoughts were organized. The moment I switched on the camera something got into me and my words just stopped flowing. So I had to overcome this mind freeze. 3) Perfectionism: The third issue I had was I was a perfectionist. I never really wanted to put out anything that I felt was less than perfect. So these three big issues were really tying me down from creating videos that I wanted to share with the world. 

Simple steps that helped overcome fear of facing the camera:

I decided to overcome these issues and become more confident in front of the camera with a simple strategy. I decided to break everything down into baby steps. I created three simple exercises that helped me overcome this issue. The first thing I did was to do something to handle the first issue of not being comfortable looking at myself on a video. 

Overcoming strangeness

So the exercise was I would just pull out my camera which is nothing but a cell phone which is what I am using even today to record my videos. I would just take out my cell phone and I would look into the camera and all I had to say was Hi Hello. All I said was my name and then I would hit the stop button and then the video was over. Now I did that a number of times in fact I did that for a number of days and I kept watching my videos of myself for just a few seconds and then I would delete these videos. Now, it might seem like a very simple and almost meaningless exercise but then the point behind this is very powerful. The more I watched myself on video I realized that there is a certain way in which I looked and there is nothing I can do to change that.So I started accepting my image or accepting myself on a video.

Overcoming Mind Freeze

In the second stage was when I wanted to overcome my mind freeze issue so the exercise that I gave myself was I would switch on my camera and then I would talk about any topic for 60 seconds. During those days I was quite comfortable with the topic of Law of Attraction.

I used to read a lot of books around that subject so I just used to take out my camera – my cell phone rather hit the recording button look into the camera lens and then I would start recording my thoughts on Law of Attraction. 

The subject was so interesting that many days I would just continue talking way beyond the 60 seconds. I used to store these videos in a folder which only I had access to. I never really had the confidence of showing those videos to anyone else. I kept doing that every day for a number of days around the 10th day I decided to watch my old videos and see if I made any real progress. When I compared the video that I made on the tenth day with the video that I shot on the first day I could see a significant difference in the quality.

The kind of mistakes that I used to make on my first day were very basic and automatically I was able to overcome all those issues by the time it came to the tenth day. I didn’t really have to watch any videos or learning new techniques. Just by watching myself over a number of days I was able to see what worked and what didn’t work. Now this progress gave me the confidence to continue this exercise for the next 20 days so I went on to the third stage where I decided to talk about my business.

Accepting ‘Less Than Perfect’

So I would pick up a business topic which I thought would be of value to my audience and I started talking about it for a couple of minutes. The initial few videos shot were not really that good but then there came a day when what I shared was really useful.

I thought it is a good time for me to pick up that video and post it on my YouTube channel. I was quite happy with what I saw. I decided to continue the exercise and I started posting more and more videos of me talking in front of the camera. Now I have done quite a fewvideos like that and today I feel reasonably comfortable being in front ofthe camera and sharing my thoughts.

Here is the thumbnail of one of my talking head videos:

You can learn more about creating awesome YouTube Thumbnails in this guide.

I don’t really feel that mind freeze every single time. Of course I still have a long way to go. The reason why I wanted to share this message with you is I am sure you are also hesitating to create your first video. 

Simple 3 Step Exercise to Help You Overcome Camera Shyness:

You also realize the true power of this powerful tool so here is my call to you follow the three steps that helped me overcome the fear of facing camera Stage One : Get startedWhenever you have the time just take out your smart phone look into the camera Say Hi and then switch off. Watch yourself and then delete the video if you don’t like it. Do that a number of times so that over a number of days start getting used to the way you look on camera. 

Once you cross this stage then go to the second stage.

Stage Two: Start Talking 

In this stage start recording something about any topic that you like for 60 seconds it can be about what you saw that day morning or it could be about a movie that you liked or about a sport that you like or about the joke that you heard. Doesn’t really matter, just pick up any topic and talk about it for 60 seconds.

Once you are comfortable doing this, once you see the difference in the quality of your videos after you record it every single day for a number of days when you see your tenth video with your first day video.

You see a difference you yourself will feel confident to carry on the exercise for the next few days. Once you are comfortable with the second stage move to the third stage where you talk about your business.

Stage Three: Keep Practicing

Think about any small topic that you think will add value to your audience talk about that topic for at least 60 seconds or maybe two minutes.

You don’t really have to post any of those videos unless you feel that the message that you shared is really worth enough to be shared with your audience. There will definitely be a day where the video that you recorded for that day is good enough to be shared with your audience and you post that video on to your YouTube channel.

Keep doing that exercise for a number of days and start picking out those videos that you truly are comfortable posting on your YouTube channel.

Focus on quantity not on qualityThe more videos you create the more good ones you will come across and the more good videos you can post on your YouTube channel. Junk everything else the more experience you gain you become very comfortable being on camera.

Your mind in fact starts working better when you switch on the camera and the kind of things that you share with your audience will really add value to your business and they will sign up to your list.

They will buy your products.  They will engage with you and you would have created a wonderful tribe for yourself. So I wish you all the success in creating videos for your business. Remember I am here to support you.

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So browse through our website and learn more about how to create good quality videos and how to create online courses.That said, thanks a lot for watching this video and reading the post. Please try creating a video in the next few days and tell me how it went. 

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