2 Ways To Remove Picture Backgrounds

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In this post, I’ll share 2 different and easy ways you can use to remove backgrounds from your pictures.

Photos with distracting backgrounds cannot be used readily in Video thumbnails, Course material or for About Me pages. 

One of the most common questions I get asked is about How to remove Picture Backgrounds or How to make picture background transparent.

So in this post, I’ll share 2 different ways you can approach this. Let’s get started. 

Method 1: Remove Picture Background with PowerPoint

In this video, you will find a quick and easy way to erase backgrounds with just PowerPoint. This will help you make your PowerPoint pictures transparent.

The ‘Remove PowerPoint Background’ feature I use in this video can be found in PowerPoint versions 2010 & higher.

If you do not have PowerPoint, here is another way to get around deleting photo backgrounds…

Method 2: Using Free Online Background Removal App

In this video, I share a free online app you can use to quickly and easily remove photo backgrounds. Once you have the background removed, you can download the image with a transparent background. You can then use this photo to create your video thumbnails, course material etc.

Hope you found these 2 ideas to make photo backgrounds transparent useful. Do leave a comment below if you did…