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Learn to create a useful Text Slider Effect in Camtasia. This effect allows a text to be displayed along with a video in a colored sliding bar. We create the colored rectangle element in PowerPoint.

Video Transcript

Let's learn a cool sliding text effect in Camtasia.

The effect goes like this.

The video plays and somewhere in the right time a slider comes in.

Text is displayed and once the explanation is made the slider goes away along with the text.

This is how the effect looks.

Under the hood, inside Camtasia, first we have this video track.

I have silenced the audio so you can observe the effect as they move forward somewhere.

Over here you can see that we have this slider coming in.

The key thing to note here is as the rectangular slider slides into the scene, I moved to the side so that I give enough space for the slider to display, and then we have the text fading in and after a while the text fades out and then the slider goes back and I come to position.

It's a neat little trick.

You can see how the whole thing plays.

I'm in the center.

Now, I'm on to the side.

We have the text on one side and once everything is done, the text goes back and I am in the center.

Now let us see how to do this from scratch. I'm Ramgopal from We help you build your audience on YouTube and monetize your expertise. If you are new to this channel, please consider subscribing to this channel.

Let me remove all the other elements which we don't really require, and I'm also going to remove all the custom animations that I've added.

I only have this simple video track of mine.

The first thing we need to do is to create the graphic of the slider.

Creating Slider Graphic in PowerPoint

As always, we use PowerPoint.

Let me go to Autoshapes Gallery from rectangles.

Let me pick up this rectangle tool and I can draw a large rectangle like so that covers the entire height of the slide.

Now I can decide the width of the card right up front or I can create a standard asset and I can always extend it the way I want next to separate this card from the video playing in the background.

I'm going to have a rectangular bar here, so let us go to home.

Then pick up the rectangle tool and draw a bar like so.

Now we need to choose the colors for these elements to ensure that there is consistency in branding, I'm going to insert my logo here and pick up the colors from the logo to color these elements.

First, let me pick up this card and it needs to be in this color.

So let us go to shape, will go to eyedropper and click on that color, and now we have the right color here.

For this I'm going to use white color, so let us select this, go to shape fill and go to eyedropper and use the same white color that is in the logo.

We don't really require any outline for these, so I'm going to select both these elements, go to shape outline and say no outline.

We don't really require this element anymore, so I'm going to delete this.

Now let me group both of these by pressing control G after select.

And then then let me add some shadow.

So let me right click go to format shape, go to effects and then go to shadow and I'm going to use one of the presets.

The one I'm going to use is offset.

Right, so this is the shadow.

Here it is a bit subtle for my liking, so I'm going to increase the size ever so slightly . Say 101% instead of 100%.

That looks good if I want it darker, I can always reduce the transparency so the shadow is clearly visible. Now this element can be saved.

The picture, so let us right click on the group go to save as picture and then give it a name.

I've already saved this as slider placeholder.

You can give whatever name you choose and you can see that the save as type is portable network graphics, which is PNG.

Once you hit save that asset would be saved in whichever folder you chose.

A good habit to develop right from the start is to have a separate folder where you would have all the video assets stored, so you can always pick them up whenever you want.

I've got a separate folder called video assets and these are PPT graphics, so that is where this particular asset would go.

Importing Slider Graphic into Camtasia

Now, once you've got that asset saved, you can go to media, right click and go to import media, choose the specific folder where you have saved that asset.

Here is the right asset.

I can always click on open.

And that would import that specific asset here in the Media Bin.


Now I'm going to drag this onto track two so that I have my slider in place so this is the slider I can always adjust the duration of the slider.

Let us have this extended till this point.

Now that looks good.

Here is the trick.

Now you can see that we have the slider right in the center.

We don't want it that way.

Obviously we want the slider outside the scene.

And at the appropriate moment, it slides into the scene. That is what we want.

So let us go to the starting position, then go to view and have it reduced to 25% and have this place to the side. So at the beginning we have this outside the scene. Now to ensure that the entire vertical height is covered properly.

I'm just going to play a bit safe, so I'm going to extend the height like so and then place it like this so that when this slides then no part of the video shows in the background.

Now that looks good.

Adding Animation to Slider

We've made sure that this card aligns with the left edge of the video.

Now, at this point along the timeline, I'm going to select this card, which is in track 2, hold the shift button down and select the video as well.

And then I'm going to apply custom animation.

So let us go to the Animations tab, go to custom animation, click and drag it and you can place it over here like so.

Since I have selected both the tracks as I click and drag custom animation, the animation event is placed exactly in the same spot on both the tracks.

Now we need to define the after scenario which is shown.

By this red dot here.

Now what happens in the after Scenario?

I'm going to select this card, hold the shift button down and select the video track and I'm going to move it slightly to the right.

I can use my right arrow key.

Can you see here?

I am moving with my right arrow key and I can clearly see where the video frame ends and I want to make sure that I don't go away from the scene.

I want to move it to the point where this edge here corresponds with the right edge of the scene, so I can move it even further and I'm using my right arrow key on the keyboard.

Now this is an appropriate place.

Now I want to have this move even inside. So I'm going to have this move such that the left edge of the card aligns with the left edge of the frame.

Then we're going to move all the way to the right edge of this card piece here.

And then we're going to use restore animation.

Once again, I'm going to select this and hold the shift button down and select the video track underneath, and I'm going to click restore and then place the rest or animation in such a way that whatever animation was done earlier is now restored back.

The way it works is you can see that this is how the restore animation works, so we have our card slide in and slide out quite nicely while pushing a part of the video to the side and then getting it back to the original.

Adding Text with Animation to Slider

Now I'm going to have my text in between these two points, so I've got my playhead in the appropriate position, then let us go to annotations, then use one of the text boxes, and I'm going to use my text here.

Let us have this fit so that we can clearly see what we're writing, and let us say “Write your Text”.

Let us increase the size of this.

We can even increase the size of this whole box itself and we can have it somewhere over the center and we can extend the duration so that it corresponds with the starting point of the wrist or animation.

Perfect now I want this text to fade in and fade out.

So let us select this text.

And then go to transition.

And we're going to use a simple fade transition, so here is fade transition.

Let me select that and leave it in the center so that we have fade in and fade out happen.

As far as the transition goes.

Now when I go here and play the clip, observe what happens.

We have the video.

Slider comes in. The text shows.

The explanation is according to whatever is being explained and then the text fades away and the slider goes out.

So that is exactly how we create this text.

Sliding effect or sliding text effect in Camtasia. So did you like the tip?

If you did then please share it with your friends.

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