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Learn How To Add Background Music In Google Slides. Follow this simple step by step tutorial to know more.

Video Transcript

Want to know how to add background music to Google Slides? Then keep reading.  

Add Audio File to Google Slide

The first step to add background music to your Google slides is to have the music readily available in your Google Drive. Once you have it available then go to Insert, go to audio. 

And then choose the music you want to insert. 

In this case, I've got this music downloaded called Down the Hill. 

Let me select that and say Select. In a matter of seconds, the music gets inserted onto your slides and you will get the icon in the top left corner of your first slide. 

If you want to check whether the music is right or not, you can always click on this icon. 

Once you confirm that it is the right music, then you go to the right to Format options. 

Audio Playback Options

Here you have the option to start playing either On click or Automatically. 

Let me choose automatically.

Show/Hide Audio Icon

The next set of options you have are Hide icon when presenting. 

Naturally, this is a good thing, so you check this. 

How to Loop Audio

The other thing that you want to check is Loop audio. 

If you have a short music loop then it's a good idea to keep looping it till the time the presentation is finished. 

So you check loop audio. 

Play Music Across All Slides

The third option is very vital. 

The question is do you want to stop on slide change? 

That is, as you hit Enter to move to the next slide. 

Do you want the music to stop or you want it to continue to play? 

If you want the music to play in the background, then you need to uncheck this so that it doesn't stop on slide change. 

That is all there is to it. 

Review the settings

Now, let us present the slides and see how the music plays. 

You can see that the music continues to play. 

I can keep moving forward.  

And when I hit Escape, you can see that the music stops. The music keeps playing in the background till the time you finish presenting your slides. 

So that is how you add background music to Google Slides. 

So, did you like the tip? 

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