How to convert Google Slides to Video

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Find how to convert Google Slides to Video with this step by step video tutorial. There is no way to convert a Google presentation directly into video. In this tutorial, I'll share a simple add on to help you convert your presentation to video.


If you want to learn how to convert your Google slides to video then keep reading.

Unfortunately, unlike PowerPoint, there is no native way for you to convert your Google slides into video, so we need to take the help of a simple Add-On.

The Add-On you need is called Creator Studio.

Installing Creator Studio

You go to Add-On in Google Slides then say get Add-Ons.

Go to the search bar and say Creator Studio even before you can finish typing the entire word you will get this option called Creator Studio.

You click on that option.

That gives you this add-on, as it says, the add-on helps you to save your slides as GIF and video files.

You select that and you hit Install.

You need to give certain permissions to Creator studio before installing.

You can of course read all this content if you agree with whatever that is said here, you can say continue.

You click on your email ID, you read all of this stuff where Creator Studio wants to access your Google account.

You say Allow and once that is done, Creator Studio will be installed.

You see it’s done.

Then you close the app. Now when you go to Add-Ons you will find Creator Studio available as one of the options.

You go to Open. So that opens up this side panel for Creator Studio.

The side panel looks like this:

Settings for Video

The first option here is to decide on the output width. I typically like to have it as 720P.

So I've entered 720. The next thing is to decide on the interval in seconds. That is, how long do you want to display each of the slides.

2 seconds is a big too less, especially when you have a lot of content.

I typically tend to go for around 3 to 4 seconds.

Let us say 3 seconds, but make sure that your content on each slide is less enough so your audience can read your content in three seconds or less.

Once you've established the interval in seconds then you choose your export format. You have the option to export this as animated GIF or as image sequence or as video file which is MP4 or video with audio.

Now in this case I want to convert my slides into video. So I'm going to choose Video file option.

So let me click on the Relevant Radio button. When I say go, I would be able to have this deck converted into a video.

Settings for Video with Audio

If you want to add audio as well then let me click on video with audio.

You can then click on Upload Audio File that takes you to the place where you've stored your music.

You can go to the relevant folder.

Add your music and say open now that music gets added to your slides. Make sure that the size of the audio file is not more than 10 MB.

Of course, the typical use of this option is to add your own narration.

In this case, I just want to use the option called video file, so let me check that option and say Go.

Accessing the downloaded video

Now where do you find the file that is converted?

You go to this option here called Download file to your computer.

So, you click on that option and that will download the converted file.

You can see here that my presentation called Your Big Idea is converted already.

I can go to the relevant folder by going to showing folder option.

And here I have the MP4 file when I open it you can see that my deck is converted and this is a video file. Now I have allowed for three seconds between each slide so you can see that the slides are moving at a very brisk pace.


So that is how you convert your Google slides to video using a free app called Creator Studio.

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