How to Add a Video into Google Slides

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Learn how to add a video into Google Slides. Follow this simple step by step tutorial to learn 3 ways to add videos and to format the video.

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 In this tutorial you will learn how to add a video to Google Slides. It's surprisingly easy to do so. I am on a new slide in Google Slides.

There are three ways you can insert a video in Google Slides.

To insert a video, go to insert and here in the options you will see video that takes you to this page. Here you can insert videos from three sources.

Method 1 : Search by Keyword

One way is to insert a YouTube video by searching for a specific video.

For example, if I want to search for a video on PowerPoint for Beginners Presentation Process, I can do that by typing here... PowerPoint for beginners.

And then I say Search and that searches for the specific title in YouTube.

Now this is the video that I was looking for, so I'm going to click on it.

And then say select and that would insert that specific video onto my slide.

Once I have the video on my slide, I can use the format options to format the video the way I like.

Now, let us see the other two ways of inserting the video. Then we will talk about the formatting options.

Method 2: Insert video by URL

Let us go to insert again.

Go to video. This time I'm going to search by URL.

Let me click on by URL option.

In this case I know the specific video I want to open, so I have gone to YouTube search for the video and here I am on the video page I can select this option here and press control C or I can always go to the option called Share.

And that would give me the link which I can copy and I can use it to paste it on Google slides.

Now let us close this, then go back to our slides.

And here I'm going to paste the YouTube URL.

Let me press Control V which is the shortcut for paste and you can see a preview of the video.

Once you confirm that this is the right video, you can always click on select and that would select and insert the video onto your Google slides.

Method 3: Saved video from Google Drive

The 3rd way of inserting a video is to insert it from your Google Drive.

Let me show you how that is done.

Let's go to insert again, go to video and we have this third option called Google.

Right, you can insert the video from your drive or shared drives or the ones that are shared with you.

Let me select the one available in my drive.

This is a sample video.

I want to insert this video so let me select that and that activates this option called Select. 

Let me select it and that instantly inserts the video onto my slide.

Now, once you have the video on your slide, you can format it.

Video Formatting options in Google Slide

Resizing videos on slide

First, let me expand the size of this by clicking and dragging it so I can have the top left corner of the video correspond with the top left corner of Google Slides, and here I have positioned it properly in the top left corner.

Then I can click and drag from the bottom right corner so that it occupies the full page as much as possible.

And then I can have it centered.

To do that, you select the video, go to arrange, and then say center on page - Horizontally and vertically.

In this case, I'm going to say center on page horizontally.

Now this is exactly in the center.

Then let us go to the various options available in format options.

Video Playback options

The first option we have here is video playback.

Here you have the option to play the video either on click.

Or then you click on the drop down menu.

You have other options which is to play automatically or to play manual.

I'm going to say play automatically.

So what that does is as soon as they go to the present option you will have the video playing automatically the next.

Option is to start at a specific time and end at a specific time.

By default, the entire video plays.

However, you can choose to play only a part of the clip.

For example, in this case I can see that this is at 12 second video.

If I want to play from the 5th 2nd onwards, I can go back here and say 5 seconds.

And this needs to play till 10 seconds.

So only for five seconds I want this video to play.

But then I want it to start from the 5th 2nd onwards and end it by 10.

Second, when I go to present, see what happens, you can see that the video loads from the 5th 2nd and it goes only till here, which is the 10th 2nd.

So that is how you can have control in the duration of play.

Let me hit escape button.

Let me select the video again to see some of the other options available here.

Audio Settings for video playback

If I want to mute audio of the video, I can do so.

I just need to check this option and that will be done automatically.

This video doesn't have an audio, so I don't really have to do much.

I can go down and see if I have further options available.

Positioning & Rotating Video

I can adjust the size and rotation. In this case you can see the width is 7.5 and height is 5.6. Three I can lock aspect ratio and reduce the size. For example, if I want this to be only 60% of the total size, I can place it over here. You can see that the size of the video is reduced.

Let me click on this again and that minimizes that option.

We can also change the position.

Let me go to the position option.

I can have this placed on the top left or in the center.

Let me choose center.

So now I know that it is exactly in the center of the slide.

Drop Shadow Setting

Then the final option is drop Shadow.

When you check this box, you can have a drop shadow option for your video and once you are happy with the way the video is formatted, you can always go to present and that will play the video from the duration that you specify till the duration that you want.

So that is how you add a video to Google Slides and setup the playback.

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