How to Create YouTube Branding Watermark Easily

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Learn how to add Branding Watermark On YouTube Videos. This new step by step method to create Channel Branding watermark using PowerPoint is super easy.

Video Transcript

Do you know you can grow your subscribers by adding branding Watermark on all your YouTube videos in one go? 

So when your viewers like your content they can subscribe to your channel at the click of a button. 

It's a simple hack that every YouTube channel needs to follow if you want to know how. 

What is YouTube Branding Watermark

When you go to, when you watch any video, when you take your cursor down to the bottom right corner, you will get a button that allows you to subscribe to the channel quite easily.  

Even when you go to Presentation Process YouTube channel you will see the subscribe button that allows you to subscribe to the channel. The simple branding watermark stays through the entire video. 

All your videos thereby giving your viewers an option to subscribe to your channel instantly. 

Let us see how to add this channel branding Watermark quite easily. 

Steps to Create Watermark in PowerPoint

The first thing you need to do is to create a square image that asks your viewers to Click to subscribe. 

To create that, I'm going to use PowerPoint. 

You can use any program that allows you to create your own customized images. 

All you need to do is to go to Autoshapes Gallery from rectangles. 

I'm going to pick up this rectangle tool. 

Hold the shift button down as you draw a square like this. 

Holding the shift button allows you to constrain the proportions so you can draw a square quite easily. 

Then let me go to shape outline and say no outline. 

Then I'm going to write my text inside. 

Let us keep things simple. 

I'm just going to right Click to subscribe. 

So let us right click two and then I'm going to hit enter and subscribe and I'm going to keep this all capital letters. 

The next step is to customize the various elements that you see here so it looks as part of your brand strategy. 

Adjust Font Size & Type

The first thing I'm going to do is to increase the font size, so let me select this and go to the font. 

I'm going to choose a much bolder font.  

In this case, I'm going to choose to select Tw Cen MT Condensed Extra Bold, because that is the font that I use quite often in  

So let me select that and let me increase the font size. Let me go to the font size option here. Go all the way down and let us have 66.  

Can you see here the size is way too big. Maybe I can increase the size of the box. Let me hold the shift button down as a click and drag from the corner. Yeah, now everything is fitting properly.  

Now I want to show a differentiation between Click To and then Subscribe. 

So I'm going to reduce the font size of this text a little bit, so let me go here and click a couple of times down so the entire focus of the viewer is on the word subscribe. 

This looks nice. 

The next step is to choose our colors wisely. 

Set Logo Colors

It is a good idea to pick colors from your logo so there is consistency in the look and feel of all your design. 

Let's let me select the shape 1st. 

I'm going to use the fill color that I have for my logo. 

For that let me go to shape fill and choose this eyedropper tool. 

Let me click on that option and then pick this color when I click on that, you can see that I instantly pick the color that is part of my logo. 

The next step is to use this color. 

For subscribe, so let me choose this text here called Subscribe. 

Then go to font color. 

Once again, use the eyedropper tool and then pick this color. 

Now you can see we have subscribed in the yellow color. 

Now I don't need to change this white color because it is also part of the logo. 

Now this button is completely customized to our requirements. 

Saving File as Image

Remember this is required as an image.  Now I'm going to save this image as a PNG image, so I'm going to right click on this shape, then go to this option called Save as picture, then choose the location I'm going to choose desktop. 

And I'm going to call this Subscribe button. 

Make sure that save as type is portable network graphics or PNG. 

When you click in the dropdown menu you will see various options here. 

Choose PNG or portable network graphics and say save. 

Now, this image is saved onto the desktop. 

Upload Watermark to YouTube

The next step is to upload this image as part of your Branding Watermark. 

Now let me go to ArteRamgopal channel. 

I have already signed in. 

Then let me click on the logo and then go to YouTube Studio. 

That takes me to Channel Dashboard. 

Let me go to the left side panel and then choose this option called customization. 

When I click on customization, I get these options here on the tabs I'm going to choose the second tab called Branding. 

And here we have a few options. One is for profile picture, second is for Banner Image and the third one is for video Watermark.  

You can see I already have this video watermark on Channel. 

Let me remove this and then upload it once again let me click on upload and then go to desktop and search for the PNG image that we had saved. 

In this case it is subscribe button and then say open. 

Now you can see that this is the button we want to upload. 

You say done. 

Now you can see that the image is uploaded. 

I want the display to be for the entire video, so I'm going to click on this option here. 

The last step is to go to publish and that would be published. 

Now all your videos across your channel will have this option available so your viewers can click on that option and they would be able to subscribe to your channel. 

Of course, when they click on this option, there will be a popup dialog box that asks them to confirm if they want to subscribe to your channel. 

They just need to say yes and they'll be subscribed to your channel. 

So if you are a small and new channel and if you have not done this yet, please go ahead and do this right away. 

So did you like this tip? 

If you did, please share this tutorial with your friends and encourage us to create more such videos. 

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