How to Embed YouTube Video in PowerPoint

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Here is an easy step by step tutorial on how to embed a YouTube video in a PowerPoint presentation. Make your ppt engaging by adding relevant videos.

This video is recorded in PowerPoint 365. But the option is available in all recent versions of PowerPoint. 

Video Transcript

In this post you will learn how to add YouTube videos to your PowerPoint presentations.  

I'm using Microsoft 365 PowerPoint. You can follow this video even if you have earlier versions of PowerPoint. The option to insert a YouTube video into PowerPoint has existed for quite a while. 

So let us learn how to do that from scratch. 

Insert YouTube Video in PowerPoint

The first step is to go to the Insert tab on PowerPoint, then when you go to the far-right corner you can see this option called Video. 

You click on the drop-down menu and then go to this option called Online Video. 

Since You Tube is online video, we're going to choose that option in Office 365. You have the option to copy and paste the address of your video from these four sources. 

You can insert videos from YouTube, SlideShare, Vimeo or Stream. 

Since we want to insert a video from YouTube, we don't really have much to worry about because we have that option available from any of the previous versions of PowerPoint as well. 

The only thing we need here to insert the video is the right address for the online video. 

So let me go to my browser. 

This is a video from our other channel called Presentation Process. 

And if all I want is to play this video onto my slide, then I just need to copy this address here so I can select this and you can see that the entire address is selected. 

I can right click copy and then come down to my slide here and then I can paste the address. 

Once I do that, I can hit insert and the video would be playing inside my slide. 

 But I want to show you something more. 

Playback Video from Specific Time

In this case I don't want to show the entire video because this video is fairly long, which is more than 20 minutes in duration. 

I want to show this video from the 10th minute onwards. 

So how do I do that? 

All I need to do is to move the playhead to the desired time. 

So let me click and drag this so that I am somewhere around 10 minutes here. 

This is just the right time. 

Then when I go down, I have this option called Share. 

Let me click on share button and here I have the URL to copy. 

Now you can see that this URL the way it is will play the video from the beginning. 

Since we need to play this video from 10 minutes onwards, I'm going to check this option here called Start at since we have our playhead at the 10th minute, it automatically inputs that information here. 

 You can see that it adds an information to the URL called T = 600, which means 60 seconds into 10 minutes, which is 600 seconds. So that is what is added here. The duration, is in Seconds.  

This is just the way I want so I can click on copy and then let me go to the slide and then I can insert my address here by clicking on Paste. 

Now with the timeline everything is inserted, and you can see a Preview. 

I like what I see here and I'm going to say insert and that inserts the video onto my PowerPoint slide, and you can see by default the size is small. 

I can always expand this like the way that I would do to any image, so let me move this so that it corresponds with the top left corner of the slide and then let me click and drag it from the corner. 

Now this is the video size. 

When I click on this, I will be able to play the video. 

Now before I do that, let me show you some of the things that you can do to make this look even better. 

Format Video Look & Feel

You can select the image, then go to video format option and then you can make some adjustments. Like for example if you want to go to Corrections and you want to apply any of these brightness and contrast combinations you can do that. 

If you want to colorize the video you can do by going to this recolor option. 

A more useful option is this one called as Poster Frame. 

Add Poster Frame to YouTube Video

You can see the default thumbnail that is added here is not very clear. 

I want to have a much clearer image I have already stored this thumbnail in its original form in my computer so I can switch this with that clear image. 

So let me go to poster frame, click on image from file and go to from a file. 

Of course, you can use a stock image or online picture or an icon. 

Everything will work, just the same. 

Let me go to From A File since I have already stored the image in a clean, clear fashion, I'm going to use that image here. 

Here I have the thumbnail that I created originally for this presentation, so let me select this and say Insert. 

Now you can see that my background image is much cleaner and when I show this as part of my presentation, my audience would love to watch my slide. 

If I want to choose another image, I can do so. Let me select this, go to poster frame and go to Image From A File and maybe if I want to choose this I can say Insert.  

But then realize that when you choose an image this is the size to which the video will play. 

So it is always a good idea to choose an image and then Crop it to fill the entire slide area. 

So let me go back to the previous option by pressing Control Z. 

If at any point of time you want to revert to the original image, you can always go to poster frame and say Reset and you will get the old image that we had originally from PowerPoint.

Let me press control Z because I like this one. 

Add Video Style

We also have the option to change our Video Style. 

For example when I click on this I can see that there are so many ways in which I can apply the video effects. 

Maybe I can choose something like this one. 

There is a nice frame into which the video will play. 

I like this option. if I want to change the video shape I can do so.  

Let me go here and if I want it in an Oval shape I can choose this and the video will play inside this Oval shape. The same way you can change the video border color. 

You can go to video effects an add Reflection if you want to. 

Everything is possible and you can treat this one just as the way you would treat any image. 

I don't want any of these options to happen, so let me go to preset and say No. 

And go to video shape and say the Regular Rectangle. 

So let us keep it plain and simple. 

The last option I would like to tweak is Playback. 

Video Playback Options

Here I have the option to Start In Click Sequence. 

That is when I go to Slide Show I still need to click on the icon here to play the video or I can choose another option here called Automatically. 

I like this option, so let me choose Automatically. 

Now we have done all that is required to play our PowerPoint. 

So let me go to Slide Show but I would like to resize this slightly so that you can see that the video is playing only from a certain point. 

So let me hold the shift button and resize this and keep it somewhere in the center. 

Let me play the video first. 

You can see that when the video loads, it loads from the 10th minute onwards. 

Isn't that interesting? 

So let me pause this for now, let me have this full size. 

Once again let me go to the top left corner. 

And then click and drag it from the corner. 

That looks good. 

Now let me go to Slide Show. 

The video will play automatically. 

Can you see here the video loads and this is just as you are watching in YouTube. 

Which means when you take your cursor over you can see that there are other options available.  

That is if you want to see any other video you can do that. You also have the option to click on this button here so you can go to YouTube and watch the same video. 

Let me hit escape button to come out of this and you learned how to add a YouTube video to your PowerPoint presentation. 

I hope you like this tutorial. 

If you did, please share it with your friends and encourage us to create more such tutorials. 

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