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We all need stock video footage, whether it is to visualize your content in your content videos or to add excitement in your sales videos or to keep the audience's attention in your video ads. But then the thing is, most of the times stock footage is expensive. I'll share with you 10 sites.

That offer a large collection of good quality stock video footage you can use without any Copyright issues. Please watch the video below for more details:

Video Transcript

Let's start. I am Ramgopal from We help you monetize your expertise with video

Website 1 for beautiful free stock video footage

Let us go to the first site called

This is the first site I recommend to you for beautiful free stock video footage.

Here you can find a vast collection of good quality videos, nicely categorized.

Whether it is for business and work, nature, life, sterile Wellness.

You can find videos for every requirement here, we just type your keyword and hit search.

And you will find an appropriate video.

Stock Footage License Terms

To read the license terms, you go to this option here called menu and click on license and here you can see that all videos published on can be used free for commercial and noncommercial purposes. You do not need to ask permission from or provide credit to the videographer or These are the exact terms we want.

When we use videos from any site that provides us free video stock footage, so check out By the way, none of the 10 sites I'm about to recommend have sponsored me for this video, nor do I have any affiliation for this site.

Website 2 for free 4K stock videos 

Let's go to the second side, called The thing about is you can search for free 4K stock videos. So, if you use 4K videos in your video project and you want to intersperse your project with some good quality 4K stock videos, then is your answer.

Once again, the 4K stock footage is 100% free. Download whatever you want, use it in all types of projects, including commercial forever. We never ask for a credit card, just click on a video and start downloading. So go ahead and give a try. 

Website 3 for photos and videos 

The next recommendation is quite popular among graphic designers. The site is, most of us know for its free stock photo.

Now, Fortunately, pixels provides you free video stock footage as well.

Right on the homepage you can find some trending free stock videos and if you have any particular video type in mind, you can go to the search box and type your search and you will most likely find the video that you like.

Once again, when it comes to license, it's free and all photos and videos on pixels can be downloaded and used for free. Attribution is not required and you can modify your photos and videos from pixels for your creative endeavors. So go ahead and give a try. 

Website 4 Most popular site for commercial use 

Let us go to the 4th suggestion which is

This is probably the most popular of all free stock photo sites and also provides you videos you can use in your video projects.

You can always get a quick preview of any of the videos by just placing your cursor on it. You can find good quality HD videos, an 4K videos available in In fact, this is the site that I go to whenever I require free video stock footage. Once you like a particular video, you just need to click on it and you can download it for free.

You can see Pixabay license for every single video. It is free for commercial use and there is no Attribution required. Of course you can always show your appreciation to the Creator by buying them a coffee by clicking on the button here after

Website 5 With Green Screen Videos 

This site is my new favorite

There are quite a few very interesting and good quality stock videos available, like in pixels or Pixabay.

You can always get a quick preview by placing your cursor on the video footage.

You also get a whole bunch of green screen videos that you can use in your favorite video project.

Website 6 With collection of drone videos 

This is a really useful site for free video stock footage -

I really like their drone collection. Of course you can search for any video type by clicking on the search bar here. When you go down you can find a whole bunch of nice quality videos available in lifeofwidth.

And of course, if you like their work, you can pay them a beer by clicking on the link here. And like in the case of all the sites that I showed you, all the video clips are 100% free and you can use them for your commercial projects.

Website 7 With royalty free CC0 license stock videos 

The next interesting site is Here again, you can find good quality free photos, videos and collections and right up front they say all their stock videos have royalty free CC0 license which is Creative Commons 0 or public domain license.

So you can use these videos without any Copyright issues.

I find some different type of videos here that I don't find in other sites.

Website 8 with handpicked free stock video clips

Another useful site is

Here you find free stock video clips that are handpicked by experts and that I have simple and safe licensing.

The videos here have two types of license.

Some of them require Attribution and the others have Mazwai license which is there is no need for you to attribute the author.

And all the videos are totally free for you to use, either in your personal or commercial projects.

Website 9 for videos music, sound effects etc. 

The ninth suggestion is an interesting one.

It is called Mixkit com.

This site is slightly different from the ones that you saw so far because here you can find not just videos.

You can also find music, sound effects, templates, etc and you have some extraordinary free stock video footage available for you to use.

In your next video project for free, you can always find your video by clicking on any of these neatly organized categories. Or you can go to the search bar and find what you want. So go ahead and visit and see what other free things they have available for you to use in your next video project.

Website 10 for free photos videos, & social templates 

The last suggestion for this post is This again is slightly different from the other sites in that it not only gives you free photos, videos, but also social templates that you can use freely for commercial use. All of them have CC0 license or public domain license, so you can use any of these assets without having to worry about Copyright issues. They have a nice collection here.

Unfortunately, you cannot get a preview by placing your cursor on the video.

You may need to click on a specific video and a new window would pop up. Here you can play and see how the video stock footage looks.

And once you like it, you can always click on download video and use it in your project.

So those were the 10 suggestions for free stock video sites.

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