Top 3 Mistakes: Why you aren’t getting enough YouTube Subscribers


Find 3 Mistakes in adding YouTube Subscribers that small youtubers make. Don't lose subscribers by making these common mistakes! These tips are especially useful to beginner YouTubers.

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It is likely that you are making three big mistakes that are preventing you from adding more subscribers to your channel. 

Want to know what those three mistakes are and how to avoid them? 

Then keep watching. 

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Why Does Someone Subscribe?

First of all, why would someone subscribe to your channel? 

They subscribe because of the promise of finding more videos of the type they just watched. 

Let me explain. 

Let's say I'm interested in organic chemistry. 

I watched a video from your channel on organic chemistry, so I go to the channel page and see if there are more videos on organic chemistry. 

If I find them, then I would hit the subscribe button because of the promise that I will find. 

More videos of the type that I just watched. 

Let's say I'm interested in table tennis, so I watch a video on table tennis from your channel. 

I liked the video. 

So I go to the channel page and see if this channel is about table tennis. 

If it is so, then I hit the subscribe button once again because of that promise. 

Now look at the path here. 

The viewer first Watch is a good video from your channel goes to your channel page and sees if the channel is about the topic, the person just watched the video about if it is so, then the subscription happens, otherwise it doesn't. 

It is in making and fulfilling this promise where the three big mistakes are made by most creators that prevents them from adding more subscribers to their channel. 

Now let me talk about each of those three mistakes 1 by 1. 

Mistake #1 : Wide Range of Topics

The first mistake is lack of consistency in topic. 

This is a big mistake made by Beginners of YouTube channel. 

At the start of their YouTube journey, most creators create videos around their passion or topic of interest.  

Normally YouTube does its best to encourage new creators, so it goes about scouring the web to find the right audience for the videos you create.  

But then this matchmaking of your video with the right audience takes time. 

But, most beginner Youtubers wrongly infer this time delay of finding the right match to your videos as an indication that there is not enough potential in the topic they have chosen, so they shift their topic. 

Now by the time You Tube comes back with the right audience for the video, it finds that the topic of the channel has changed. 

Now You Tube once again has to go back scouring the web to find the right audience for your new topic. 

In fact, there are many channels that keep shifting their focus once every three months, and this totally destroys that. 

And so the right approach would be when you start a YouTube channel, especially around educational content, to create a lot of videos around your topic of interest. 

If there are certain videos that are getting more views than others, then realize that that is the area that people like you to make more videos of. 

So try to narrow your focus around a few of the topics rather than to spread yourself thin, covering a large variety of top. 

This makes it easy for YouTube to find the right audience for your videos.  

Remember, the more tighter your videos are around one specific topic, the higher or your chances of getting more subscribers. Remember the path, good video followed by a promise of more videos around the same topic. 

That is where the secret of adding more subscribers lies. 

Mistake #2 : Not Communicating Channel Topic Clearly

The second mistake most Youtubers make is not to consistently communicate their channel topic to their viewers. 

Now think about this. 

What are the different opportunities you have to tell your potential viewers about your channel topic? 

One you have your channel name, second channel logo, your channel banner, your channel trailer and in every video you have the chance while introducing yourself to tell your audience what your channel is about. 

The question is, do you optimally use all these opportunities? 

All these channel assets to communicate your channel topic to your potential. 

To us, if not, you have a big opportunity here. 

Remember when there is a consistency in communication of your topic that promise that we talked about gets fulfilled? 

Mistake #3 : Inconsistent Posting Schedule

The third mistake YouTube creators make is lack of consistency in video posting. 

Now you might ask how is this going to influence the number of subscribers again? 

Fair question, Now think about this. 

The person, like their video Kentie channel page and saw that everything consistently communicates that the channel is about the topic the person likes. 

But before the person hits the subscribe button, he checks 1 final information. 

That is, when was the last video posted? 

If the last video you posted is, say, some two or three months back, it tells the viewer that you are not actively interested in the topic anymore, which means that promise we talked about is broken. 

So the chances of you getting more subscribers reduces substantially. 

So it is important for you to commit to a certain schedule of posting your videos and stick to it no matter what. 

So in YouTube world consistency equals subscribers. 

If you want more subscribers, then you need to do these three things. 

One have consistency in topic. 

Second, consistently communicate your topic to your potential viewers. 

And third, maintain consistency in posting schedule when you keep these three things in mind, you will have a successful channel that has ever growing Subscribers. 

So, did you like the tip? 

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