What Matters More Than YouTube Views & Subs


Find out what matters more than YouTube Subs and Views. If you are are a small channel and you feel that the subscription to your channel is not as great as some other channels, then this video is a must watch. 

Video Transcript

Sometimes I get depressed looking at the subscriber count of our Presentation Process YouTube channel.  

The channel has around 230,000 subscribers even after 9 years of consistently posting over 700 videos. Don't get me wrong, the numbers are quite decent. 

And I'm grateful for all those people who have subscribed to the channel. 

But when I compare the subscriber count of Presentation Process, YouTube channel with the subscriber count of some of the recently started channels that are clocked more than 1,000,000 subscribers doing nothing more than some skits and maybe some prank videos, I really wonder whether I am doing something wrong with Presentation Process. 

If you are an online entrepreneur with a smaller YouTube channel creating educational content on your videos then probably you also have these kind of thoughts. 

In this video I'll share with you an epiphany that I got recently that totally changed the way I look at my YouTube channel. 

Now I see my channel statistics very differently, and I feel charged up every time I sit down to create my YouTube videos. 

Want to know what that Epiphany is? 

Then keep watching. 

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The 2 Types of YouTube Channels

Realize that there are 2 types of YouTube channels out there. 

One type is driven by viewership. I called them viewership-based channels and the second type are the lead generating channels.  

As an online entrepreneur who wants to use YouTube for your business, if you don't understand the difference between these two types of channels, you tend to get depressed. You tend to lose your way. 

And sometimes you might fail to take full advantage of this wonderful medium called YouTube. 

Not all YouTube videos are created equal with the same intention. 

There are different reasons why people create YouTube videos. 

For example, some might create videos to journal their life like the way travel bloggers do. Some create videos to showcase their talent, like the way musicians do. 

Some create videos to entertain people like the way standup comedians do. 

And some create videos to inform the public, like the way news channels do and the list goes on. 

But there is one thing common in all the type of YouTube channels that I just mentioned. 

All of them depend on increasing viewership. 

Their model is create videos that people like to watch and show ads on those videos to make money. 

That is why I call them viewership-based channels. 

But as online entrepreneurs we want to use YouTube to generate leads for our business. 

So our objective in using YouTube is quite different. 

We don't just want views, we want targeted views from a clearly defined audience. 

So we can create content to solve the problems of that specific type of audience. 

That is why as online entrepreneurs, if we need to be successful in using YouTube, we need to have a well thought out content marketing strategy. 

Defining your Content Marketing Strategy

But what is content marketing strategy? 

Here is a handy definition of content marketing strategy by content marketing Institute. 

They say content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content. 

To attract and retain a clearly defined audience and ultimately to drive a profitable customer action. 

 To put it simply, you don't create any video around any topic that you feel like creating. 

You start by clearly defining your target audience. 

Then create only those videos that solve the specific problems of that target audience and in the process you gain their trust develop authority and influence, 

 You use that influence to sell your digital products and courses. Remember, we're not here to make money by using YouTube to generate ad revenue. 

That involves too much work and gives you too little returns.  

All the superficial metrics like the subscriber count, view, count, etc. 

Matter quite a lot only when you are a viewership-based channel. 

As an online entrepreneur, your success in using YouTube depends on one how many targeted views you were able to garner this month compared to the last month from your clearly defined audience. 

Second, how many of those people were able to convert into email subscribers so you can nurture their relationship and therefore ultimately you were able to convert them into sales for your digital products and courses. 

So stop comparing your channel stats with the channel stats of those viewership based. 

As don't get overly concerned about vanity metrics like subscriber count and view count. 

If you are able to increase your views and subscribers, it's great, but that is not our main objective. 

What matters more than everything else is, were you able to sell more digital products and courses this month compared to the last month using YouTube as your marketing channel? 

It is this mindset that will help you win the online game, so did you like the tip? 

If you did then please share this post with your friends to encourage us to create more such videos. 

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