Why Your YouTube Subscriber Count Matters


Does YouTube Subscriber count really matter? Find out why it matters in this YouTube Tips video.

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Hey, does subscriber count really matter? 

After all, what you earn from YouTube ads is dependent on the number of views your channel gets and not on the number of subscribers you have. 

So why do you need to focus on getting more subscribers? 

I'll answer that question in this video, so keep watching. 

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Why is a Subscriber Important?

Just think about this.  

Someone could watch your video get a lot of value from it and could move on to the next video without giving you any thought, but the sheer act of someone taking the time to hit the subscribe button indicates two very important things. 

One, the person is interested in your topic and 2nd the person likes your style of presentation. 

So hitting the subscribe button is a micro commitment made by the viewer to indicate that he or she likes to follow what you do. 

It is a big deal to get a subscriber, so be grateful for it. 

Realize that a subscriber is more likely to watch more of your videos for longer, has more chances of giving your video a like, sharing it with your friends, and even in the future if you have any product to offer, has a higher chance of buying your product. 

But more than any of these reasons, there is one big reason why your subscriber count matters. 

What is Viewing Velocity & Why it Matters

Your subscriber base determines the viewing velocity of your videos. 

Let me explain every time you post a new video, YouTube shows it first to your subscribers. 

If there is enough clickthrough rate then You Tube infers that you put out something that is worth watching so You Tube goes around, scouring the web, finding similar audience to the ones who watched your video. 

Now what that means is when you have a large subscriber base, every time you release a new video, there is a high chance that your video will have a lot of views in the first 24 or 48 hours.  

This massive momentum of views triggers even more views and sets a chain reaction. So that is the reason why when you have a large subscriber base, it becomes that much easier to garner even more subscribers.  

So that's why it makes so much sense for you to focus on adding subscribers right from the start of your channel. 

3 Tips to Add Subscribers to Your Channel

But the key thing here is to add those subscribers in a natural organic way rather than to take any shortcuts. 

Tip 1: Ask for a Subscribe

Now, one simple way to increase the number of subscribers to your channel is to just ask your viewers. 

To subscribe to your channel study of human behavior says that many people would do a certain thing if you just ask for it. 

The chances of them doing it increases even further if you have given them value. 

So make sure that you ask people to subscribe in every video and ask it early, but do it in a way that doesn't irritate your audience. 

I know of a number of channels that irritate the audience by bringing in that graphic that pops up every 60 seconds and that has an annoying Bell sound at the end of it. 

These things can get on the nerves of your audience and can even be counterproductive. 

There are three things that I personally do in presentation process channel that allows me to increase my Subs. 

Plus, the first thing is to create a standard intro that includes a call to action asking viewers to subscribe to your channel. 

After all, the biggest reason why people don't ask viewers to subscribe is because they forget about it. 

Having a standardized intro solves that problem. 

I show that intro right at the beginning after giving a solid reason why the viewers need to watch the video. 

You would have seen an example of it in this video. 

Tip 2: Call to Subscribe at end of video

Second, I include a call to subscribe at the end of every video.  

Because if someone has stayed till the end of the video, it is highly likely that the person has enjoyed the presentation, liked my style of presentation, and is interested in my topic, which are all the criteria for someone to subscribe to my channel. 

Tip 3: Include Branded Watermark

Third, I've included a branded watermark. 

In the bottom right corner of every video, making it easy for anyone to hit the subscribe button at any point while watching a video. 

I've created a step-by-Step video tutorial on how to add a branded watermark to your videos on YouTube. 

I will leave a link to that video here  

These three simple things have done well for me to add subscribers to my presentation process YouTube channel. 

In my next video I'll share the three big reasons that are preventing you from adding more subscribers to your channel. 

It's a very important video, so please keep a watch. 

So, did you like the tip? 

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